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___________ (Brand Name Goes Here): The Story of You.

Have you ever found it strange that you can't remember what day of pre-school you first heard a particular fable, yet you can remember the story as if you just heard it the other day? Simply put, people find it easier to recall stories than they do random facts. Why is this so? This is best summarized by Anil Kandangath, The Winner of Google's 2011 Data Viz Challenge,“People remember stories,” he notes. They may not recall individual facts, but when you can craft those facts together in a compelling arc, those facts become part of something more than the sum of their parts: a memorable tale. "

The goal is to provide information about your company in a way that is accessible, compelling and memorable. Retention isn't of great value if your story isn't worth telling or easily understood. Accessibility is contingent upon the sound foundation of your corporate governance and accuracy of your data. Without this your story goes from fantastic to fiction, or even worse incomprehensible. A compelling story evokes emotion, and this is done by every aspect of your brand living its purpose with the highest integrity and speaking to your enterprise objectives. Your brand has now transformed from a narrative to a biography in progress! The consistency of your business objectives and alignment of your marketing strategy with set objective makes your brand memorable. This article article by Branding:Magazine provides you with a step-by-step guide on creating a flawless, powerful story for your brand.

"3. Get to know the characters.

Think about the persona of your brand–is it feminine or masculine? Mainstream or quirky? Opinionated or open-minded? Think about your business as a person, What are some goals this person hopes to achieve and what are their values?" Nadia Goodman says this type of clarity will lead to a relatable persona and help you tell the tale."


Now that you've mastered the art of Brand Storytelling we advise you to keep all cylinders of the process in pristine condition. The storytelling process is never over. We like to think of it as writing your own memoir. Eventually, all the memorable stories add up to create your brands life story. So always keep in mind while writing your current story, "How do I want my brand to be remembered? Is this current story a step towards my brands legacy?"