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Why your flaws just became your biggest asset.

We think this article by - FLAWSOME: Why brands that behave more humanly, including showing their flaws will be awesome. - is totally FLAWSOME! 


"Consumers don't expect brands to be flawless. In fact, consumers will embrace brands that are FLAWSOME*: brands that are still brilliant despite having flaws; even being flawed (and being open about it) can be awesome. Brands that show some empathy, generosity, humility, flexibility, maturity, humor, and (dare we say it) some character and humanity.""

While this article is totally on point, I wouldn't recommend to any of my friends that they go and make a major mistake for the sake of increasing their brand value. That is the opposite of the articles main message. The articles message aligns with Human Activity's founding Principle: "Be whom you are, do what you do. Be Human".

This principle was developed due to the founders aversion to a majority of companies corporate cultures and their overall way of doing business. If we are all human, why act differently than what we are? Based off this article it appears that this is a shared desire as consumer preference is growing in the direction of Human Brands.