Widgy Words


Human Activity is a full service intergrated marketing communications firm located in New York City. We work with small businesses and professionals to discover and grow their brand.  

Human Activity was founded in 2010 by Marketing Consultant Nicole Cascino. Working in marketing for small and mid-sized companies, Nicole decided to use her experience and love of branding to develop a company she dreamed of starting. The decision to form Human Activity was simple: Nicole chose to focus on what she loved to do and she had a deep desire to change the way people do business. She envisioned a world where businesses are more connected to the people they serve and remain passionate about their mission. This was a huge task to take on, but she believed that if you do what you love and act on your vision (no matter how small the pursuit), you will inspire the change you wish to see in the world.

This spirit is part of Human Activity today. Human Activity is fascinated by every aspect of human nature, analytical to sensual. As an integrated marketing communications firm, Human Activity seeks to recreate the different facets of human nature in our clients companies so they can connect with their cliental at a more human level. Human Activity loves connecting with companies who love what they are doing and are eager to connect with people who are excited about what they are doing.

Who works with Human Activity work? Human Activity works with talented, passionate self-starters & more established companies yet to invest in their identity and those dealing with the daunting task of rebranding. Human Activity works with clients discover their identity and develop their personality. Human Activity does this in a fun, quirky way that is down to earth, understandable and truly human. Human Activity continues to live out the company's mission by developing relationships with clients (or friends) that are transparent, reliable and honest.   

Friends inspire Human Activity to join them in the pursuit of their mission.  Human Activity hopes to inspire clients to stay true to their mission and people.